We are a Grooming spa-like Salon:

- Playpens instead of Kennels.
- Blow-drying by hand with lots of petting instead of impersonal Kennel Blow-drying.
- A fun & loving atmosphere instead of an industrial look and feel.
​- Round edges on our fun bathtub instead of intimidating sharp edged stainless steel.

We are all about comfort and a relaxed atmosphere for your pet so there will be no more hiding when the leash comes out.

Dog Size Chart:

- Extra small dogs are less than 10 lbs.
- Small dogs are 10 to 25 lbs.
- Medium dogs are 25 to 60 lbs.
- Large dogs are 60 to 100 lbs.

- Extra large dogs are over 100 lbs.

Do-it-yourself ​Bath & Brush:

If you do not have a bathtub or the equipment at home but feel confident to give your pet what he/she needs, then this self-service bathing option is for you.
We supply everything and ​our expert staff will assist you if needed.

You do need to call us for availability.

Full-Service Bath & Brush:

​This option is perfect for pets who need a bath from a professional to maintain a healthy coat, clean ears & trimmed nails.
It Includes: Bath with shampoo, conditioner & blow dry, 15-minute brushing, ​Nail trim, Ear cleaning & hair removal if necessary, Eye cleaning and a teeth wipe with a plaque removing solution.

Click on "Schedule Now" below for detailed pricing.
*Prices may vary based on breed (short or long hair), coat condition & service time. 

Available Add-On Options:

​Shave/Trim down (Haircut), Face Trim, Sanitary trim, Paw shaving & feet trim, Teeth brushing, Dematting, Nail Trim, Detangling finishing spay, Cologne Spray, Oxymed Dry Skin Care Spray and Anal glands expression.


To find out about pricing, time needed and to schedule click below.

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